Latha returns with 3 solo dance theatre productions, each one as powerful as the next….


Her style of soul searching… Latha touched upon high ideals with clarity and ingenuity in her presentation ‘The Spark Within’.


‘Vaibhogamae’ -a visual treat that invoked vivid images…footwork was sparkling and emotions definitely sensitive. The energy level was high as demanded by the choreography.


Rich in Bhava, enjoyable nritta, the approach to the lyrics in a visual form was novel and dramatic.


A Divine recital… performance was testimony to her artistic excellence, innovative approach within traditional parameters.


Latha and Gita are agile in their performance. Their communication was more colloquial and beauteous than archaic.


Watching a specially organized show at the Rashtrapati Bhavan, New Delhi ‘Indeed! you brought the poet Bharati alive before my eyes’.

-Dr. Abdul Kalam, Former President of India


Inaugurating ‘Satbhavana Utsav’ the 4-day dance festival of communal harmony performed by the sisters the former Prime Minister Shri I. K. Gujral said ‘Satbhavana (universal harmony) is the need of the hour. It was the old civilization that kept the Indians together and we also see that only this encourages us in difficult times’.


Exceptional finesse and felicity. Latha and Gita have become a name to reckon with amidst the dancers the country has produced.


Spirited performance, the show was full of innovations….


The dance presentation ‘SAVITRI’ received all our felicitations for being on a new level of Joyful experience for the Tamil arts.


The sisters who are like two peas in a pod had the audience in their spell with the power and plasticity of their rhythm and neat footwork.


Latha and Gita made the pieces come aglow in their natya, which was excellently synchronized in movement, gesture, and footwork.