About Latha Krishna

Latha is a third-generation filmmaker. Her grandfather, the Late Director K. Subrahmanyam, was a key figure in establishing the Tamil film industry. Latha started her career in filmmaking in the year 1989 by assisting her father and mentor, Padmashri Dr. S. Krishnaswamy, a Film historian, Writer and Director of Documentary Films and TV Serials, with several awards to his credit. Her mother, Dr. Mohana Krishnaswamy, the producer of all her films, has produced over 400 short films, several of them award-winning, and is a national award-winning research scientist too.

As a postgraduate in Counselling Psychology from the University of Madras, Latha continues to pursue her interest in the field by keeping herself updated with current trends in the field and offers counselling services to a small circle of friends.

Creative Journey

Latha has written, edited and directed about 200 short films both fiction and non-fiction. Latha is currently the Executive Director of the 60-year-old media production house ‘Krishnaswamy associates (p) Ltd.’ founded by her father Dr. S. Krishnaswamy. (www.kaplindia.net)

Latha manages a YouTube channel ‘INDIAN IMPRINTS’ which gives importance to Indian art, culture, and history.

Latha along with her sister Gita performed her Bharatanatya arrangetram in 1981 tutored by teachers Shri. M.V. Narasimhachari and Smt. Vasanthalakshmi. For over 3 decades Latha has been choreographing and performing both individually and as a team. In recent years she has adopted a solo theater presentation style. 

Acting Career

Latha has acted in lead roles in 3 TV serials produced by Krishnaswamy associates – as Saint Manimeghalai in Hindi TV serial “UPASANA” based on the Tamil twin classics Silappadhikaram & Manimeghalai, as a star singer in Tamil TV serial “VISALAM” which traces a matriarchal lineage of four generations of women, and as Sister Nivedita, in Tamil TV serial “SWAMI VIVEKANANDA” based on the life history of the legendary saint from India.

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