A few extracts from press reviews………
» Her style of soul searching…Latha touched upon high ideals with clarity and ingenuity in
  her presentation ‘The Spark Within’
- The Hindu
» ‘Vaibhogame’ A visual treat that invoked vivid images…footwork was sparkling and emotions definitely sensitive.The energy level was high as demanded by
  the choreography
- The Hindu
» The dance presentation “SAVITRI” received all our felicitations for being on a new level
  of Joyful experience for the Tamil arts
- BBC World Service, London
» Rich in Bhava , enjoyable nritta, the approach to the lyrics in a visual form
  was novel and dramatic
- The Hindu
» A Divine recital ..performance was testimony to their artistic excellence,
  innovative approach within traditional parameters
- New Indian Express
» “Indeed you brought the poet Bharati alive before my eyes”
- Dr. Abdul Kalam,
President of India
» Exceptional finesse and felicity…..Latha and Gita have become a name to reckon
  with amidst the dancers the country has produced
- News Today
» Latha and Gita are agile in their performance. Their communication was more
  colloquial and beauteous than archaic.....
- New Indian Express
» Spirited performance, the show was full of innovations….
- Indian Express
» The performance produced an atmosphere of sheer joy
- The Hindu
» “Satbhavana, the need of the hour” said the former Prime Minister Shri I. K. Gujral
  inaugurating the 4 day dance festival of communal harmony
- The Hindu
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