A few extracts from press reviews………
» Latha touched upon high ideals with clarity and ingenuity in her presentation
  ‘The Spark Within’
- The Hindu 2011
» `Vaibhogame` was a visual treat and invoked vivid images..the footwork was
  sparkling and emotions definitely sensitive
- The Hindu 2008
» Rich in Bhava , enjoyable nritta, the approach to the lyrics in a visual form
  was novel and dramatic
- The Hindu 2007
» A Divine recital ..performance was testimony to their artistic excellence…
  innovative approach within traditional parameters
- New Indian Express 2006
» Latha and Gita are agile in their performance. Their communication was more
  colloquial and beauteous than archaic.....
- New Indian Express 2005
» “Indeed you brought Bharati alive before my eyes”
  (on witnessing a show in Rashtrapathi Bhavan)
- Dr. Abdul Kalam 2004
» “Satbhavana, the need of the hour” said the former Prime Minister Shri I. K. Gujral
  inaugurating the 4 day dance festival of communal harmony
- The Hindu 2003
» `Rose of Sharaon`……a distinct visual feast. Latha’s measured stride in the
Palm Sunday procession, her excellent eye movement and deliberate gestures
  enhanced the aesthetic appeal
- The Hindu 2001
» Exceptional finesse and felicity…..Latha and Gita have become a name to reckon
  with amidst the dancers the country has produced
- News Today 1996
» The levels of artistic excellence reached by the sisters, their obvious success
in stimulating in the audience various emotions shading off into shades
  of aesthetic contemplation cannot be too highly praised…
- Indian Express 1994
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