As Dancer & Choreographer

Latha along with her sister Gita performed her Bharatanatya arrangetram
in 1981 tutored by teachers Narasimhachari and Vasanthalakshmi
( For over 3 decades Latha has been choreographing
and performing both individually and as a team.


SAVITRI - Dance drama based on Shri Aurobindo's classic
VAIBHOGAMAE - Dance drama on Four Celestial Weddings
BHARATIYIN VISWAROOPAM - poet Subramania Bharati's songs
ROSE OF SHARON - A ballet on the life of Jesus Christ with 20 Dancers
PAADARAVINDAM THUNAI - a garland of Devotional songs
GOVINDAM PARAMAANANDAM - The Varied facets of Krishna
OM MRITYUNJAYA - Shiva, the Celestial Dancer
SIDDHARTHA - the making of the Buddha
THE SPIRIT OF CHRIST - a contemporary presentation
BEYOND TECHNIQUES - a contemporary presentation


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